Climate Solutions Scavenger Hunt

Discover climate solutions in your own back yard!

Climate solutions are everywhere, sometimes where we least expect them. What if there was a fun way to learn more about the climate solutions in your own back yard, and learn more about solutions you might not be familiar with.

Enter the climate solutions scavenger hunt. In honor of Hudson Valley Climate Solutions Week we've created this fun activity that you can do alone or in teams to discover what's in the area.

The Hunt

The Hudson Valley Climate Solutions Scavenger hunt is provided as a convenient two sided PDF for download. Everything in the scavenger hunt is findable in the Hudson Valley, though some may require more effort than others. Many of the hard items are listed as bonus items.

In case the PDF doesn't render in your browser, you can download it directly!

Submit Findings

There are many ways to experience the hunt, do what works best for you!

  • Just do the hunt on your own or with friends and judge your own answers
  • Take photos and post to your favorite social media with #hvclimatehunt.

During the Hudson Valley Climate Week we'll be monitoring Instagram, Bluesky, and Mastodon for posts and amplifying them. And feel free to reach out to any of the listed accounts if you need to ask questions or are looking for hints.

Learn More

Want to learn more about climate solutions? There are many great resources available:

About Us

The Hudson Valley Climate Solutions Scavenger Hunt was conceived of and developed by Sean Dague and Arianna Valentini as part of our volunter work with Citizens' Climate Lobby. This seems like too fun of an idea not to share!

We're hoping that others would like to create their own climate solutions hunts, specific to their region. We'd love to hear about them and help promote them in any way we can.